Forensic Anthropology

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Cristina Verdugo

Cristina Verdugo is a graduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her dissertation research focuses on the recovery and analysis of ancient DNA in order to ascertain how mortuary practices are implemented in ancient Maya populations. Verdugo has analyzed human skeletal material recovered from various archaeological projects in the Maya area since 2011. Additionally, Verdugo has been conducting forensic casework analysis alongside Dr. Alison Galloway.

Created by Dr. Alison Galloway

Forensic Anthropology

Spring Quarter 2018
UC Santa Cruz, ANTH 103I
4 quarter units / 2.67 semester units

This online course teaches the basic analysis of human remains for the medico-legal profession. Covers the development of forensic anthropology, creating a biological profile, evaluating skeletal trauma, estimation of interval since death, and how these assessments can be supported.

Important dates: 

Registration opens: Feb 28, 2019
Registration ends: Mar 31, 2019
First day of instruction: Apr 1, 2019
Last day of instruction: Jun 8, 2019


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Cristina Verdugo