General Chemistry

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Amanda Holton

Amanda J. Holton Ph.D. is a faculty lecturer at U.C. Irvine. She received her Ph.D. from UCI in Biophysical Chemistry and now teaches general chemistry and focuses research and scholarly efforts on active learning techniques, flipped classroom implementation and online learning.

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General Chemistry

Spring Quarter 2018
UC Irvine, CHEM 1B
4 quarter units / 2.67 semester units

Properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics.

Exam Info

Provided by instructor. Midterms will be posted on Tuesday of week 1. Finals will be posted on Tuesday of week 4. They can be taken on Proctor U if you are more than 50 miles from campus, however they will be offered on campus if you are close and can make it since this is usually the more convenient option.

Proctoring Info

Online proctoring by ProctorU: Costs vary depending on number and length of exam. Average cost is between $20 and $60 per course.

Important dates: 

Registration opens: Feb 28, 2019
Registration ends: Mar 31, 2019
First day of instruction: Apr 1, 2019
Last day of instruction: Jun 7, 2019


Syllabus not available

Course meeting requirements: 
None required, though discussions will be considered "mandatory" you can access the discussion worksheets and do them on your own/with the discussion boards if you are unable to make one of the synchronous discussion times without penalty to your grade.
CHEM 1A or ENGR 1A or CHEM H2A or a score of 4 or higher on the AP Chemistry exam. CHEM 1A with a grade of C- or better. ENGR 1A with a grade of C- or better. CHEM H2A with a grade of C- or better.

Amanda Holton