About UC Online

UC Online is the official site for non-matriculated students (students not currently enrolled at any UC campus) who want to enroll in online courses offered  by the University of California. UC is consistently ranked as one of the top public research university systems in the world, attracting the brightest students from California and across the globe. As a student enrolled in UC Online courses, you’ll learn with some of the best teachers and brightest peers, and you will interact with students from campuses like UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, UC Davis and six other UC undergraduate campuses. You’ll earn real credit that can be transferred to any of our UC schools and even other colleges and graduate schools. By completing a UC Online class, you’ll count yourself among the best educated in the country. If you are currently a UC student, you can enroll in online courses through UC Cross-Campus Enrollment. 


UC Online seeks to meet a growing demand for innovative learning, while ensuring that classes taught online are as educationally robust and academically rigorous as any other class for UC credit.

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  • When you're ready, click the enroll link to register for the course(s) you have selected.
  • You will be taken to our enrollment site where you will complete the registration process, pay for your course(s) and recieve confirmation of enrollment. 

Privacy Policy

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