Beginning Finnish

Meet the Faculty

Lotta Weckstrom

Dr. Lotta Weckström started her career in developing and teaching Finnish language courses during her undergraduate years at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, where she worked as a student instructor in 1996-1998. She taught Finnish at the Turku university Language Center, language immersion  summer courses, and prior to being hired at UC Berkeley in 2007, she worked as a lecturer in argumentation, rhetoric and debating at the University Collegein Utrecht, the Netherlands.  As a language instructor Weckström’s interest lies in creating a student focused, cultural classroom that takes in consideration the individual students back grounds, fields of study and prior experiences learning a language. Weckström incorporates classroom technology in her day to day teaching, and Finnish language classes on all levels are offered as distance learning classes- enrolled students from other UC campuses can take her classes via ZOOM, a conferencing platform, or from a Polycom room from their home campus.

Created by Lotta Weckstrom

Beginning Finnish

Winter/Spring 2018
UC Berkeley, FINNISH 1B
6 quarter units

Students will develop the basic elements of communicative competence in both the spoken and written language within a cultural context.

Important dates: 

Registration opens: Nov 27, 2017 
Registration ends: Jan 15, 2018
First day of instruction: Jan 16, 2018
Last day of instruction: May 4, 2018


Please click here to download a syllabus for this course.

Course meeting requirements: 
Meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 - 9:59 AM. Berkeley students meet in the classroom, enrolled students from other UC campuses join and participate the class via Zoom, or via Polycom if such facility is accessible.

Lotta Weckstrom