Introductory Filipino

Meet the Faculty

Maria Barrios-Leblanc

Maria Barrios-Leblanc has a Ph.D. in Filipino from the University in the Philippines. She is the author of more than a dozen books, among them, Tagalog for Beginners (Tuttle, 2011) and Intermediate Tagalog (Tuttle, 2015). 

Karen Llagas

Karen Llagas is the lead intermediate teacher at UC Berkeley. Karen is co-author of 500 Tagalog Verbs, forthcoming at Tuttle. Before coming to Berkeley, Karen worked as a community language teacher at the Bayanihan Center. As a certified Tagalog interpreter, translator and linguist, she was lead Tagalog specialist for LinkedIn and Pinterest localization. Additionally, she is a highly trained and provisionally certified CA Court Interpreter. 

Course created by Maria Barrios-Leblanc

Introductory Filipino

UC Berkeley, FILIPN W1X
7.5 quarter units/5 semester units

This course is an elementary Filipino class designed for heritage learners, and the first course in a sequence (Filipino W1X and W1Y). Using the functional-situational approach, the course builds on students’ passive vocabulary to harness four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students develop skills enabling them to: talk/write about the self, family, and community; talk/write about activities and interactions such as going to the doctor or shopping; read simple texts; and write short paragraphs. Combines real-time meetings using Adobe Connect and online learning.

Online proctoring by tutors.

Important dates: 

Registration opens: May 22, 2017  
Registration ends: Aug 22, 2017
First day of instruction: Aug 23, 2017
Last day of instruction: Dec 8, 2017


Please click here to download a syllabus for this course.


Maria Barrios-Leblanc