World History: Twentieth Century

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Juliette Levy

Prior to receiving her Ph.D. in History from UCLA, Levy received her Master's in Economic History from the London School of Economics and spent the next 4 years working in finance in New York and Mexico City. Professor Levy's previous careers and her numerous years living in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela influenced her work, which studies the making of economic markets in Latin America in their legal, social, cultural and ethnic contexts. Professor Levy's first book analyzed the development of credit markets in Yucatan during the nineteenth century. She is currently collaborating on cross-country comparisons of informal credit markets, and on an economic analysis of the Mexican Revolution. When she is not studying economic markets, Professor Levy develops games for higher education and studies the interplay of technology and the humanities.

Created by Juliette Levy

World History: Twentieth Century

HIST 020
Winter/Spring 2018
UC Riverside, HIST 020
4 quarter units

An introduction to world cultures, political systems, war, and revolution in the twentieth century. Topics include the rise and fall of the superpowers, colonization and decolonization, boom and bust, fascism and communism, world wars, and contemporary history. Credit is awarded for only one of HIST 020, HIST 020H, HIST 020W.

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Juliette Levy