Public Rhetoric and Practical Communication – CAT 125R

Created by Professor Liz Losh at UC San Diego

Pricing: $1,400.00

Units: 4 quarter units

Upper-division composition course in public rhetoric and practical communication, including oral presentation, writing in print formats, and digital content creation. This course also focuses on how writing can support and extend experiential learning before, during or after students do their practicum project. 

Course Meeting Requirements

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Important Dates

Registration opens: May 25, 2016
Registration ends: September 21, 2016
First day of instruction: September 22, 2016
Last day of instruction: December 2, 2016

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Additional Course Fees



Upper-division standing; completion of CAT 1, 2 and 3 or (for transfer students) completion of general-education requirements, including lower-division writing requirement. Department authorization required.


Alexandra Sartor


Meet the Faculty

Liz Losh
Elizabeth Losh is the author of Virtualpolitik: An Electronic History of Government Media-Making in a Time of War, Scandal, Disaster, Miscommunication, and Mistakes (MIT Press, 2009) and The War on Learning: Gaining Ground in the Digital University (MIT Press, 2014). She is the co-author of the comic book textbook Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2013) with Jonathan Alexander. She is currently working on a new monograph, tentatively entitled Obama Online: Technology, Masculinity, and Democracy. She writes about the digital humanities, distance learning, media literacy, and the rhetoric surrounding regulatory attempts to limit everyday digital practices. She has written a number of frequently cited essays about communities that produce, consume, and circulate online video, videogames, digital photographs, text postings, and programming code. The diverse range of subject matter analyzed in her scholarship has included coming out videos on YouTube, videogame fan films created by immigrants, combat footage from soldiers in Iraq shot on mobile devices, video evidence created for social media sites by protesters on the Mavi Marmara, remix videos from the Arab Spring, and the use of Twitter and Facebook by Indian activists working for women’s rights after the Delhi rape case. Much of this body of work concerns the legitimation of political institutions through visual evidence, representations of war and violence in global news, and discourses about human rights. This work has appeared in edited collections from MIT Press, Routledge, University of Chicago, Minnesota, Oxford, Continuum, and many other presses. She is Director of the Culture, Art, and Technology program at Sixth College at U.C. San Diego, where she teaches courses on digital rhetoric and new media. She is also a blogger for Digital Media and Learning Central, and a Steering Committee member of HASTAC and FemTechNet.