Online Courses for Current Students

Whether you’re currently enrolled at one of our campuses or taking one of our UC Online courses, you’re one of the thousands of students working hard to give yourself an excellent education and to make the world a better place. While this website provides a gateway to the University of California for students not currently attending a UC campus, there are many online opportunities for you as a current UC student.


Are you currently enrolled as a student at one of our UC campuses? Do you want to join the many students who have already seized the opportunity to experience the University of California online?

You can enroll in an online course offered at your home campus through the normal registration process. While UC students have the opportunity to enroll in any UC course offered by another campus through the simultaneous enrollment process, access through this procedure will likely be very limited for UC Online courses during 2012-13. We hope to have alternative methods for enrollment in UC Online courses originating from other UCs available by fall, 2013. Please click the links below for more information.


Already registered for a UC Online course? The link below provides you access to the login page for your specific class, so have your login credentials handy.