Digital Technology and Social Change

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Martin Hilbert

Before joining the University of California, Prof. Hilbert created and coordinated the Information Society Program of the United Nations Secretariat for Latin America and the Caribbean ( In his 15 years as United Nations Economic Affairs Officer he has provided hands-on technical assistance in the field of digital development to Presidents, government experts, legislators, diplomats, NGOs, and companies in over 20 countries. Policy makers from the highest political levels have officially recognized the impact of these projects in public declarations. In combination with this practical experience he has written five books about digital technology for international development and has published in academic journals in the fields of communication, economic development, information science, psychology, political science, complexity, women’s studies, and forecasting. His findings have been featured in popular outlets like Scientific American, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Economist, Discovery, PBS, NPR, BBC, NatGeo, Die Welt, Correio Braziliense, La Repubblica, El Pais, among others. International perspectives are no mere theoretical work obligation to Prof. Hilbert, as he speaks five languages and has traveled to over 70 countries. More:

Created by Professor Martin Hilbert at UC Davis

Digital Technology and Social Change

CMN 170V
Spring Quarter 2018
UC Davis, CMN 170V
4 quarter units / 2.67 semester units

Conceptual understanding of how digital technologies transform our lives, through social media, mobile connectivity, globalization, big data, and artificial intelligence. Context of course includes education, health, entrepreneurship, democracy, among others.

The two main concepts of the course are social change and technological change by digital means. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is not only an essential building block of a society, but currently also the driving force behind social development. Our generation has the luck to live through –and the responsibility to shape– an era in which mediated information and communication have become the catalyst of human progress. We will deepen our understanding on how social and technological revolutions go hand in hand.

Important dates: 

Registration opens: Nov 23, 2018
Registration ends: Jan 6, 2019

First day of instruction: Jan 7, 2019
Last day of instruction: Mar 15, 2019


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Martin Hilbert