The Art of Making Meaning: Educational Perspectives on Literacy and Learning

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Glynda Hull

Glynda A. Hull is a professor of Language, Literacy, and Culture in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley, where she also holds the Elizabeth H. and Eugene A. Shurtleff Chair in Undergraduate Education. She recently collaborated with educators in several countries, with support from the Spencer Foundation, to create and study an international social networking project for youth. In California over the last ten years, with support from the US Department of Education and other agencies, she has created and studied after school programs for K-12 youth that emphasize digital media. Her current research focuses on designing innovative online spaces for learning and exploring the burgeoning phenomenon of global schools.


Created by Professor Glynda Hull

The Art of Making Meaning: Educational Perspectives on Literacy and Learning in a Global World

Spring Quarter 2018
UC Berkeley, EDUC W140A
6 quarter units / 4 semester units

This course combines theory and practice in the study of literacy and development. It will introduce sociocultural educational theory and research focused especially on literacy teaching and learning, and this literature will be examined in practice through participation in after-school programs. In addition, the course will contribute to an understanding of how literacy is reflected in race, culture, and ethnicity in the United States and how these symbolic systems shift in a digital world.

Important dates: 

Registration opens: Nov 23, 2018
Registration ends: Jan 21, 2019

First day of instruction: Jan 22, 2019
Last day of instruction: May 4, 2019


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Course meeting requirements: 
Ongoing. Students will be required to meet once a week for a Google Hangout.

Glynda Hull