Practicum in Education

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Charles Underwood

Charles Underwood is an anthropologist (Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1986) who has worked in Scotland, India, Brazil, and with American Indians in the US. He is presently Executive Director of University-Community Links, a UC program connecting university faculty and students with children and their families at educational programs in underserved communities throughout California. He has taught at Golden Gate University, the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), and UC Berkeley. His research focuses on the cognitive ethnography of teaching and learning and on inter-institutional collaboration as a sociocultural process.

Created by Charles Underwood

Practicum in Education

Spring Quarter 2018
UC Berkeley, EDUC W144
3 semester units / 4.5 quarter units

The course serves the ED Minor mission of developing students’ critical habits of mind and reflection in educational research and practice. The course develops student awareness of their role as participant/observer, increases their understanding of ethical issues, and their ability to articulate these issues. Topics shape a productive field experience for the student and presume that different students’ experiences in may be variable, encompassing different sites with different activities.

This Course Qualifies for Credit Towards a Certificate in Education from UC Berkeley. Learn more about the Education Minor program at UC Berkeley.

Important dates: 

Registration opens: Nov 23, 2018
Registration ends: Jan 21, 2019

First day of instruction: Jan 22, 2019
Last day of instruction: May 4, 2019


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Charles Underwood