Geology of National Parks

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Susan Schwartz


Prof. Schwartz's research addresses problems in earthquake seismology and active tectonics. Her interest in the mechanical behavior of the plate interface at subduction zones and in how glaciers slide along their bed has taken her to many interesting places including northern Costa Rica, New Zealand and Antarctica. Prof. Schwartz teaches introductory classes for non-science majors, classes designed for undergraduate Earth and Planetary Science majors, and graduate classes in seismology and geophysics.


Created by Susan Schwartz

Geology of National Parks

Spring Quarter 2018
UC Santa Cruz, EART 3
5 quarter units / 3.33 semester units

Geologic concepts and processes responsible for shaping our national parks including mountain building, volcanic and earthquake activity, sedimentation, weathering, erosion, and glaciation. An understanding of how geology impacts our lives is emphasized. Appropriate for both science and non-science majors who wish to enhance their knowledge, enjoyment, and appreciation of our national parks.

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Registration opens: Feb 28, 2019
Registration ends: Mar 31, 2019
First day of instruction: Apr 1, 2019
Last day of instruction: Jun 8, 2019


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Susan Schwartz