Introduction to Fresh Water: Processes and Policy

Meet the Faculty

Brent Haddad

Prof. Haddad has been interested in innovative approaches to learning since the dawn of his career. His primary interests are to (1) maximize the learning experience of his students; (2) build connections among other faculty and programs teaching water resources management; and (3) integrate the new weekend field trip component into this course. Collaborator Eli Weintraub, MS, PE, is interested in integrating an in-person intensive-learning field trip into the online learning experience. Weintraub hopes to expand the use of UCSC’s WaterLab, a pilot-scale wastewater treatment facility/classroom designed both for research and teaching students the techniques of advanced water treatment systems. WaterLab is located at the Watsonville Water Resources Center and is a nationally unique academic-municipal joint venture. Students will spend a weekend learning how to operate advanced water treatment technologies while learning the broader economic, policy, and social contexts of their use in California’s Pajaro Valley. Weintraub is WaterLab’s chief engineer and regularly sponsors student interns and field trips to WaterLab. Professor Haddad’s online water course (this one) was one of the first ever offered in the UC system. He has participated in numerous forums on online education and won numerous teaching awards throughout his career.

Recently-completed programs include a long-term study of desalination and research on public attitudes toward water reclamation and reuse. In addition to water, Professor Haddad also studies renewable energy policy and economics and helped install the first wind energy facility on the California coastline.

Professor Haddad holds an MBA (Business & Public Policy) and Ph.D. (Energy and Resources) from U.C. Berkeley. He is Founder and Director of the Center for Integrated Water Research, and of WaterLab, the Water Teaching and Research Laboratory, an advanced water treatment facility built by UCSC students in partnership with the City of Watsonville, California.

Created by Professor Brent Haddad at UC Santa Cruz

Introduction to Fresh Water: Processes and Policy

Spring Quarter 2018
UC Santa Cruz, ENVS 65
5 quarter units / 3.33 semester units

This course offers students an introduction to the world of water management as seen from a broad variety of perspectives. Those perspectives include the earth sciences, engineering, ecology, law, economics, and sociology. The students will also study water distribution and treatment as well as case studies that bring these topics to life.

The course will introduce and study key words and concepts related to fresh water processes and policies. In addition, students will review real-world challenges of fresh water management faced by cities, farming regions, and open-space managers. Students will practice breaking a complex water issue into important parts, studying those parts, and then reconnecting the parts to better understand the entire issue.

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Registration opens: Nov 23, 2018
Registration ends: Jan 6, 2019

First day of instruction: Jan 7, 2019
Last day of instruction: Mar 16


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Brent Haddad