Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business

Meet the Faculty

Philip B. Stark

Philip B. Stark is a professor in the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley. His research centers on inference (inverse) problems, especially confidence procedures tailored for specific goals. He has published on the Big Bang, causal inference, the U.S. census, climate modeling, earthquake prediction, election auditing, food web models, the geomagnetic field, geriatric hearing loss, information retrieval, Internet content filters, nonparametrics (confidence sets for function and probability density estimates with constraints), risk assessment, the seismic structure of Sun and Earth, spectroscopy, spectrum estimation, and uncertainty quantification for computational models of complex systems. He is a pioneer of online teaching; his Statistics W21 was the first official online course offered by UC Berkeley. 

Course created by Philip Stark

Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business

Winter/Spring 2018
UC Berkeley, STAT W21
6 quarter units/4 semester units

Descriptive statistics, probability models and related concepts, sample surveys, estimates, confidence intervals, tests of significance, controlled experiments vs. observational studies, correlation and regression.

Scantrons will be needed for the final.

Important dates: 

Registration opens: Nov 27, 2017 
Registration ends: Jan 15, 2018
First day of instruction: Jan 16, 2018
Last day of instruction: May 4, 2018


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In-person proctoring: Note that proctoring centers can cost students from $20-$200.

High school algebra. Calculus a plus.

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